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It is when a male asks a female to come over and "study" when he has no intention of studying. When one thing leads to another, they start doing it doggie style. The male proceeds to grab a book without her knowing. He also proceeds to put in the butt. When she predictably turns around in surprise, you whack her over the head with the book and yell "Study Time Bitch."
Squish Squish. <<Grabs book>>. Squish. WHA? WHACK. "Study Time Bitch"
by GrandMasterC April 03, 2004
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When your a teen and you and your girlfriend have sex but instead of calling it that you say " study time" like a keyword so adults or other people dont know what you are talking about.
Hannah : hey mom.
mom: what u doing?
hannah : nothing just about to have a study time with him talk to you later.
by Loverboy111910 June 06, 2011

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