An awesome alternative rock band who are a complete and total waste of time and money. You decide you love this band soo much and buy a ticket. Little did you know that 5 days before the gig, they decide to fly back to America for ''internal'' reasons.

Jack: ''Hey man, how was Paramore the other night?''

Jim: ''Don't ask, the fuckers stitched me up. Stupid god dam internal problems back in America''

Jack: ''Thats harsh man, lets start listening to ABBA. They may be shit but at least they turned up to their gigs''

Jim: ''I got you on that one buddy''
by superhenz February 24, 2008
An alternative rock, pop punk band formed in 2004 in tenesse consisting of
Hayley Williams - Vocals, keyboards, piano ( since 2004)
Taylor York - bass guitar (since 2004)
Jeremy Davis - lead and rythm guitars, glockenspiel and percussion (since 2007)

Paramore have released 3 albums so far called 'All We Know Is Falling' 'RIOT!' And 'Brand New Eyes' with both 'RIOT' and 'Brand New Eyes' going platinum.

Fans of the bad are typically called 'Parawhores' and are fiercley loyal and protective of the band!
Don't diss Paramore infront of a Parawhore!!!

Paramore are currently signed to Fueled by Ramen and are constanlty part of the vans warped tour line up.
Dude 1 :"I can't believe Josh and Zak Farro left Paramore"
Dude 2: " ikr?! But they were such douches about Hayley in there leaving statement! I don't they will be able to carry on without them"
Dude 1: "... Paramore is still a band!"
by @KawaiiShots August 11, 2012
paramore are an alternative rock band from franklin, tennessee.
it consists of

hayley williams(vocals)
taylor york(guitar)
jeremy davis(bass)
not so long ago the farro brothers left the band , josh farro(lead guitar) and zac farro(drums).
paramore are currently trying to find a lead guitarist and dummer to replace the farro brothers who will be sadly missed by fans.
so far paramore have 3 albums out;
all we know is falling-from this album , the singles pressure ,emergency and all we know were released.
riot!-the singles misery business, hallelujah,crushcrushcrush and thats what you get were released.
brand new eyes-the singles ignorance,brick by boring brick,careful and most recently ,playing god.
a bonus track on brand new eyes is decode which was wrote for the film twilight.
i dont have an example , just dont knock paramore until you've listened to them.

they are one of my favourite bands of all time.
p.s they are amazing live , 18/11/10<3
by parawhore. April 20, 2011
Shitty pop-punk-rawk American band who are worshiped by teenage girls who think they are non-conformist, alternative, unique, different, anti-mainstream etc by liking Paramore but really they are just the same because if you go into a 7th Grade classroom, EVERYONE likes Paramore and they all think they're unique for liking Paramore when they're really not. Oh and Paramore make pretty shit music too.
Teen girl: "OMGZ I love Paramore they're so amazing, Hayley Williams is so cool, Josh is so hawt. Mainstream music? Eww thats gaaay I'm not like youu I listen to my own "alternative" music like Paramore!!!"

Person with maturity and/or common sense: *PUNCH*
by BitchFacex April 10, 2010
An AMAZING, alternative band from Franklin, Tennessee, USA.

Hayley Williams - Vocals
Taylor York - Lead Guitar
Jeremy Davis - Bass Guitar
Me: Hey guys, who likes Paramore?!
Strangers: Who?

Me: Lolwut
by Lawrenzein September 29, 2011
The most amazing rock band ever, in mine and MANY others opinions, who originate from Nashville, TN and consists from 2010 of Hayley Williams (Main Vocalist and sometimes pianist), Taylor York (lead and rhythm guitar) and Jeremy Davis (Bass guitar.) Jason Bynum, Hunter Lamb, John Hembree and most notably Josh and Zac Farro before their departure in late 2010 are all former members of the band. Paramore are creators of many beautifully penned songs with original lyrics which will stun you out of this world when you hear it. Haters of the band tend to be jealous fucks who listen to artists such as Ke$ha, Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black, who coincidentally are some prime examples of auto-tuned "robots" who continue to make music despite the fact that they can't sing without major editing, whereas bands like Paramore only need very little.
Guy 1 "What is your favorite artist?"
Guy 2 "Paramore, you?"
Guy 1 "Wow, same - I find their music ama-zing!"
Guy 2 "Who wouldn't!"
by Tay Scott July 21, 2011
The most amazing awesome best ever super duper rocker emo pop band you will ever ever hear in your entire freaking life. Ever. The minds behind hits Decode, Ignorance, The Only Exception , and Misery Business. They sing lines like "The truth never set me free so I did it myself." and "The angles are all wrong now she's ripping wings off of butterflies" and "God knows the world doesn't need another band but what a waste it would've been." and soooo many more! The best band ever!
Awww this song is sick who's it by?
Paramore of course!
by paramorebaby April 17, 2011
An amazing band that as of Brand New Eyes consisted of:
Hayley Willams- vocals
Josh Farro-guitar
Zac Farro- drums
Jeremy Davis- guitar
Taylor York-guitar

But recently split, leaving only Hayley, Jeremy, and Taylor for the new album and 2011 South American Tour. They have released statements saying that they are going ahead with everything they have planned, and that they will truely miss Josh and Zac Farro.

Their songs include...

~All We Know Is Falling
-All We Know
-Here We Go Again
-Never Let This Go
-My Heart

-For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic
-That's What You Get

-Misery Buisness
-When It Rains
-Let The Flames Begin
-We Are Broken
-Born For This

~Brand New Eyes
-Playing God
-Brick By Boring Brick
-Turn It Off
-The Only Exception
-Feeling Sorry
-Looking Up
-Where The Lines Overlap
-Misguided Ghosts
-All I Wanted
Have you gotten Paramore tickets yet?
by TheAmazingTunaNinja January 03, 2011

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