Band from Franklin, TN.

Vocals/keyboard- Hayley Williams
drums- Zack Farro
bass- Jeremy Davis
lead guitar- Josh Farro
rythm guitar- Taylor York

an amazing alternative rock band that can put on an amazing show.
Recently performed with No Doubt on tour.

albums include: All We Know is Falling, Riot!, and soon Brand New Eyes.

I love this band for the music and I can relate to the lyrics.

their fan base is rapaidly climbing.

people love them people hate them that's what you get ;)
me: have you heard Paramore????
person: no... who are you?
me: just listen to them!!!!!
by Alice Gindarth August 08, 2009
An alternative, rock, emo (don't think so...), pop, punk band from TN.
The members of the group met in 2002 when Hayley Williams moved to Franklin where she met the Farro bros. while she was attending school there.

'The name "Paramore" came from the maiden name of one of their 1st bass players . Once the group learned the meaning of the homophone paramour ("secret lover"), they decided to adopt the name, using the PARAMORE spelling.'... Aint that cool? =]

*Hayley Nicole Williams - Lead vocals
*Joshua Neil Farro - Lead guitar, backup vocals
*Zachary Wayne Farro - drums
*Jeremy Clayton Davis - bassist
*Taylor Benjamin York - rhythm guitar
"It's ("Paramore") emo without being whiny, or bratty. Almost a very literal anti-Avril Lavigne."
-Joshua Martin
by wakickerz April 18, 2010
Paramore is an American rock band from Franklin, Tennessee, formed in 2004. Members are lead vocalist and keyboardist Hayley Williams, lead guitarist Josh Farro, bassist Jeremy Davis, drummer Zac Farro, and rhythm guitarist Taylor York.

The group released their debut album, All We Know Is Falling, in 2005, their second album, Riot! in 2007, and their Third album, brand new eyes, on September 29, 2009. Two of their songs, 'I Caught Myself' and 'Decode' were feautured on the Twilight Soundtrack. (Which sparked their sudden popularity)

The name "Paramore" came from the maiden name of the mother of one of their first bass players. Once the group learned the meaning of the homophone "paramour" ("secret lover"), they decided to adopt the name, using the Paramore spelling.

Some Of Their Best Songs Are:

From their first album:


From their second album:

"Misery Business"
"We Are Broken"
"Let The Flames Begin"

From their third album:

"Brick By Boring Brick"
"Turn It Off"
"Misguided Ghosts"
I have a Paramore poster taped to my bedroom wall. And I've lost count of how many times I've kissed Hayley Williams. :)

by biplvr May 07, 2010
A "punk rock" band from incest-ville TN.
They are the run of the mill band you will hear on every radio station in the world.
Oddly enough the lead singer is portrayed as the first female that knows how to rock despite countless other female singers such as Cristina Scabbia, Chibi, Amy Lee, Anette Olzon, Ann Wilson, and Nancy Wilson.
Paramore is the best band ever.

EDIT: Disregard that I suck cocks
by SuperBleeder August 01, 2009
A band originating from Franklin, TN. Its members include Hayley Williams, lead singer; Taylor York, rhythm guitar; and Jeremy Davis, bass guitar. The Farro brothers, Josh, former lead guitar, and Zac, former drums, recently left. There aren't any replacements for them as of yet. So far they have three studio albums and are planning to release another this year.
I'm going to the Paramore concert tonight!
by Hoolia B January 22, 2011
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