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Tight fitting, if not slightly long, nylon pants. Often with excess of 8 pockets/zippers, parachute pants were rampant in the Eighties. They were brought back to the market sometime in the mid-Nineties as 'Nylon Jeans'. Parachute pants are often mistaken for Baggy or poofy 'MC Hammer-esque' pants, which in actuality are known as ASTRO-pants.
Skariachi saxophonist/singer Kole 'Flash' Maravilla is a large supporter of the Parachute pants.
by Band Of Retired Superheroes January 06, 2005
Tight nylon pants with lots of zippers.
by jer October 27, 2003
A really baggy pair of pants. when you try to run you go slower than usual.
i tried to run the mile but my parachute pants slowed me down and it took an hour.
by J Dawg April 28, 2003
A rather torn up vagina that has been pounded so many times it now resembles a pair of parachute pants. Also, See: Wizards Sleeves
1: Look at that hottie!
2: No way, dude. Stay away from that shit.
2: I hear she has some nasty parachute pants.
by Windowless April 18, 2010
Pants with a built in rip cord which reveals your member to adoring ladies
I put a huge smile on her face when i did the "parachute pant dance of the exotic panda" on her.
by Davey G April 29, 2004
Toight pants with lots of zippers that were originally made out of parachute material. MC Hammer pants!
U Can't Touch these parachute pants (Sorry, it's cheesy)
by moongunk November 07, 2004
Those wierd big and fluffy pants that came from the 80's, you know when everyone had those really bad hairstyles!
"omigod kelly look at her pants! aren't those parachute pants? arrrggghhhhh run away!!"
by Carmen December 17, 2003
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