Term used to refer to the current Chapter Master of the Ultramarines Space Marine Chapter, Marneus Augustus Calgar.
You heard that jackass Matt Ward says Papa Smurf is the "spiritual liege" of all Space Marines? Man, that's just bullshit.
by Filthy Landlubber May 21, 2015
the meth cook who receives pseudo from the smurfs, or people that are paid or exchanged with meth for pseudo from cvs
papa smurf is getting some pseudo from the smurfs
by ihateallzeblacks August 23, 2012
An Alcoholic beverage containing 1/2 Blue Jolt, 1/2 Kool-Aid, and what ever alcohol you prefer, works best with vodka.
"I can't remember anything from last night, I was drinking papa smurfs all night."
by Scoops! January 20, 2010
The big cheese respect to the big man.
Yo, whats cracking pap smurf.

ey papa smurf don't be hatin.

papa smurf] always keeps hes pimp hand strong.
by Dum Dum knock you out February 15, 2009
(n. v. adj. adv.) The term used when seemingly no other phrase will do the job.
Dan : So which exit are we taking?
Justin : The one we just passed
Dan : You just papa smurfed us.
by Cindy Lou-Who January 11, 2011
1. a true afficiando of female genitalia
2. a pimp or player of great magnitude
1. "Perhaps Pete should preside over the 3rd Annual Pittsburgh's Prettiest Poontang Pageant, he's a real papa smurf."
2. "Girl, who are you kidding? I be papa smurf up in this mutha!"
by waffle-master July 10, 2008
A variation of the Tony Danza / Donkey Punch. The aggressor completely covers his naked upper body in blue makeup, puts on red tights, has or wears a white beard, and then tops the look off with a red stocking cap or for better effect red elf hat. The papa smurfer then takes the pap smurfee from behind and just before reaching climax instructs the partner to "look at me and tell me who's the boss". No matter what the answer, exclaim Papa Smurf is the Boss ya smurfin bitch! and then punch him/her in the face!
Ester and I had a wonderful time at the opera house last night and then we retired to our hotel room and I papa smurfed her ass.
by Big Gman October 06, 2006
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