A name for a member of the law enforcement.
"Yeah thats how these coppers work, they're all rotten jerks, pigs, uncle toms, and papa smurfs." No Days Off by Juelz Santana
by Damian Streets October 31, 2005
the ultimate pimp daddy, usually in their 40s with a beer belly.
i solicit my body and give the money to papa smurf and he takes care of me
by STEVEN THA numba one stunna February 03, 2004
When you choke yourself till you're blue and masturbate at the same time.
"Last night i tried a papa smurf and I almost passed out, but then i came"
by Andrew Trivett January 09, 2008
Derogatory term for a male's uncircumcised penis.
"Yeah, whatever Papa Smurf...your dick looks like it was in a fire."
by Mnkyonyrbk August 05, 2005
When a daddy slaps his daughter in the face with his dick.
That sick fucker probably papa smurfs his daughter.
by Kriegh January 07, 2005
I disagree with everyone. A Papa Smurf is when you're giving to the girl from behind, and similar to the Donkey Punch, you knock them in the back of the head. This causes a knockout, and while passed out, shaving of the pubic hair and a dunk in a blue toilet bowl commences. After placing the pubic hair across her wet, blue face creating a mustache, she has become a smurf, and you're her daddy! haha
Bob pulled a Papa Smurf last night on that heinous bitch.
by Kevin ENG February 01, 2007
B.K.A. Calvin G. Carrier II, Born in Beaumont, Tx. President and CEO of Koheba Records
That boy Papa Smurf and them Kohebas was doing it big last nite
by Calvin Carrier May 03, 2006
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