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General term for the appearance of a man's pants or jeans, specifically the fit and style (or lack thereof) or the manner in which he wears them. Can refer to either a good fit (intriguing nooks and crannies evident, emphasis on the ass) or a poor fit (pleats, tapered pants, ass-obliterating sagging). May also refer to good pants worn badly (plumber's crack, waistband under armpits). Can be used to describe specific pairs of pants or to a man's entire pants wardrobe or taste in pants.
"He's kind of cute but he really takes bad pantsness to a whole new low."

"Mike's pantsness makes women sad in the pants."

"My boyfriend gives amazing pantsness. He's like a 9.5 on the pantsness scale!"
by rrrrocket October 17, 2007
1. Having or pertaining to pants.
2. An excessively long way to say "pants".
With all those pairs of jeans, you've got alot of pantsness.
by The Pants Master October 13, 2003

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