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An adjective used to describe something unusually exceptional coming from one's own or another's pants.
(Commenting on a granola bar sitting in one's pants pocket for an entire day) "mmm. Pantastic!"
by balbir January 12, 2008
an expression for one who truly adores pan pizza.
"I love pan pizza!"

"Dude you are pantastic."
by V2MoFro September 22, 2009
an adjective describing a great pan by a camera man
Camera 1, give me a pan left... Great job. That was Pantastic!
by Geauxdeigh June 02, 2011
When a person is being fantastic Panteha-style.
That was totally pantastic!
You did a pantastic interview!

A job pantastically done!
by thealonethemerrier November 12, 2009
Pantastic is a word used by Peter Pan to describe something amazing!
This oreo is PANNTASTIC!

Amazing? NO! This is Pantastic!
by pantasticpeter October 01, 2011
An adjective used to describe something so awesome that its awsomeness level is equal to that of pancakes. It may be used to describe pancakes themselves or other items.
JD's pancakes were totally pantastic!
by JayDi May 06, 2007

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