A Panic! at the Disco fan isn't just teenies. While usually linked with teeny girls who listen to music that is only on the radio and only like Panic! at the Disco for their asthetics, there is a whole other category of Panic! at the Disco fans. Many of them had heard of Panic! at the Disco before they became popular or even before their CD came out. These people understand the lyrics that the lead guitarist, Ryan Ross, writes. People who are apart of this group mainly like Panic! at the Disco for their talent.
Stereotypical fan: OMG. I am the #1 Panic! at the Disco fan! Did you see Brendon's hair at the concert? It was sooooo sexy!

Smart fan: Go away. The lyrics were good. I bet you don't even know what they mean.

Stereotypical: OMG. Shut up! I love Panic! at the Disco! Whats that song...like it goes something like closing a door....

Smart Fan: You are a loser. Bye.
by SashaAshas March 20, 2007
Top Definition
letss compare a real panic fan to a fake one, shall we?


A fake Panic at the Disco fan would only be a screaming fangirl trying to rape Brendon Urie in his sleep just because he looked good BACK THEN IN 2005 and this fake fan has no idea what he looks like now, all thought Brendon has always looked okay.

A fake PATD fan would say they are so addicted to PATD, are a PATD Freak, and want to go to all their concerts, when they really just know one song, usually I Write Sins not Tragedies.

A fake PATD fan wouldn't know what AFYCSO means.

A fake PATD fan doesn't have a clue who Brent Wilson and/or Pete Wentz is.


A real PATD fan would know at least maybe three or even all of their songs by heart.

A real PATD fan would know all, or at least 75% of all their song titles.

A real PATD fan knows who Brent Wilson is.

A real PATD fan would know there's life outside I Write Sins not Tragedies.

A real PATD fan would do the right thing/opposite than what the fake one does.

Now let's see the difference between a real panic at the disco fan and a fake one!


patdgurl (fake fan)
paige_atthedisco (real fan)


paige_atthedisco: Oh, cool...so do I. What's your favourite song?


paige_atthedisco: Awesome. Do you like When the Day Met the Night?

patdgurl: Wtf, I don't listen to Fall Out Boy.

paige_atthedisco: -_- *leaves*



paige_atthedisco: Hey, how are ya?

patdgurl: Not much, I really like Panic at the Disco! I LOVE BRANDON!

paige_atthedisco: It's Brendon...and I like Jon. He's so funny.

patdgurl: Who the heck is Jon?


See the difference?
by riaxreinventedxlove June 01, 2009
A person with very good musical tastes and uses Panic! At The Disco lyrics in everyday conversations.
People talking-
kid1- Did you see that boy?
kid2- What did he look like?
kid1- He(gets cut off)
other kid not in conversation( panic at the disco fan)- boys will be boys hiding in estrogen and wearing Aubergene dreams
by Samkid December 02, 2006
let's discuss the difference between a real fan, shall we?

real fan:

doesn't judge other fans by how many song titles they can name, respects that some other fans don't know every single song of every single panic album, and most definitely doesn't hand out their unwanted opinions to new fans.

fake fans:

always asks irrelevant questions and makes other fans uncomfortable.

is this what Brendon would want? think about it.
real panic! at the disco fan:

karla: oh my gosh I really love panic at the disco!!!

Stacy: oh my gosh I really do too! Maybe we should talk about it like civil human beings!1!1!1!1!1!1!!1!1!1!!1!!!

fake panic! at the disco fan:

karla: oh my gosh I really love panic at the disco!!!

Barbara: oh really??! Well then why is the middle name of Ryan's uncle's grandpa's cousin's ex's brother-in-law's sister?? Or do you not even know who Ryan is?????!!!

learn the difference.
by cofkase July 06, 2016
stupid little girls who need a life and better taste in music.
girl one: omfg, im such a panic at the disco fan! BRENDON, MARRY ME.
girl two: omfg, stfu kthnx. imma go shoot brendon in the face now.
girl one: OMFG, NO!! -cries-

true story.
by girl two December 20, 2006
A person that’s of little value (12-14) that doesn't know anything about music except what's played on TV and is trying to seek out some sort of small stature in life; They are piss-weak and deserve to be fucking annihilated.
Panic at the disco fans are annoying twats that spend there mother's money on cds of pussy like n00b bands such as these.
by PuzzlePieces January 19, 2007
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