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A Panic! at the Disco fan isn't just teenies. While usually linked with teeny girls who listen to music that is only on the radio and only like Panic! at the Disco for their asthetics, there is a whole other category of Panic! at the Disco fans. Many of them had heard of Panic! at the Disco before they became popular or even before their CD came out. These people understand the lyrics that the lead guitarist, Ryan Ross, writes. People who are apart of this group mainly like Panic! at the Disco for their talent.
Stereotypical fan: OMG. I am the #1 Panic! at the Disco fan! Did you see Brendon's hair at the concert? It was sooooo sexy!

Smart fan: Go away. The lyrics were good. I bet you don't even know what they mean.

Stereotypical: OMG. Shut up! I love Panic! at the Disco! Whats that song...like it goes something like closing a door....

Smart Fan: You are a loser. Bye.
by SashaAshas March 20, 2007
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