a type of food that is usually eaten at breakfast, and otherwise sold at a restaurant called IHOP (International House of Pancakes)

It is also numerous slang words.

and it is a silly choice on polls for people to select if they do not want to take the poll.
"Do you like Pancakes?
1. Yes.
2. No.
3. Sometimes.
4. Pancakes."
by In_Correct October 24, 2012
The art of slapping a girls boob, without groping.
Jared- "Sup, babe. Want me to show you what a pancake is?"
Unsuspecting girl- "Like, duh, its a food! What else can it be?"

*Jared pancakes the girl*

Girl- "You asshole! Oh... wait... ahahaha!"
by TrainedSavior October 14, 2011
Slang term for boobs.
Richard: How do you like your pancakes, Tom?
Tom: Nice and firm.
by GoodMourning13 July 18, 2010
A code name for a hot dude that you cant stop thinking about but can be a total ass hole when he's with his friends, when he's alone with you he's sweet, funny, cute, romantic and a little weird however he seems like he likes you only when your alone.
"I wish pancake would ask me out" anna "dude he never talks to you id think he likes you" friend " You don't know that he's nice when he's alone" anna .......
by Fajita January 01, 2016
A very delicious type of food sometimes with chocolate chips!
I am eating a Pancake!
by SodaCrown June 08, 2014
Tires that are thin and elongated to fit rims 18 inches and larger. The term originated from Houston Texas and is used on SLABs.
"Yo Dawg you got some fine pancakes kicken' the gravel on them spinners ridin candy paint while sittin rollin on glass"

"Dog I just went to fondren and main and picked up some twankies to compliment the pancakes on my delta 88"
by HTXTRILLA February 25, 2014
A former heterosexual person, who only discovered their homosexuality because of a homosexual partner. They are referred to as a pancake because they were "flipped" to the other side.
Stacy was straight, until she met Jill. Stacy didn't understand her crush on Jill but went along with her feelings. They eventually started dating. Stacy is a pancake.

*Jill, in this example, is a Spatula .
by Nopenopenope November 07, 2013
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