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a french grapefruit
je suis une pamplemousse
by pamplemousse June 04, 2003
why, yes, it's an insult to call someone a grapefruit, in french.
"OMFG! Way to go, ya fucken pamplemousssssssssse!!"
by sebadohhh January 28, 2004
This is the French word for grapefruit, but it is also slang for 'fatso'.
Mangez plus, Pamplemousse!
by Mange2 November 16, 2010
A french woman's breasts.
Merde! Look at ze pamplemousse on zat girl!
by Jacque! June 01, 2009
An annoying, pesky, person who is immature.
"Hey, you know that boy over there?" "Yeah." "He's a pamplemousse." "Oh, I'll be sure to stay away."
by Sugary April 10, 2010
The late, great Brazillian composer that invented the refrigerator.
He also invented the telephone.
by Jonah Rowley January 24, 2005
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