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A thin stripped, close shaven, pubic trim. A pubic cut that allows women to wear extremely revealing bathing apparel. A pube trim usually used by woman.
Max: "How much lower could that babe wear her Bikini bottoms; I can just see the top of her clitoris!"
Scott: "No kidding dude. What a piece of eye-candy. She obviously has a Brazillian. When it gets a little longer perhaps she will let me trim it with my teeth."
by psiscott April 10, 2006
waxing a punani to leave only a tiny landing strip of muff at the top
"dude you can't get a brazillian on yo ass crack!!!"
by glasrauch April 08, 2003
o - An extremely massive number, huge beyond comprehension
o - An integer that is so large beholders become paralyzed with indecision
George Bush is in a meeting with his cabinet, and Donald Rumsfeld walks in to give a briefing on the war. "Mr. President, today in the war in Iraq, 3 Brazillion soldiers were killed."

Bush puts his head in his hands and moans, "Oh NO, 3 brazillians ???" The Cabinet is shocked, because Bush doesn't normally react to foreign casualties. Then he lifts his head up and says, "Wait a minute - how many's in a Brazillion?"
by Shamantiks June 04, 2006
An extremely high number, often cited by people of a less than average intelligence.
Man: There must have been a brazillian of them!
by D3stri July 15, 2006
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