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1. To bluster, to speak without saying anything of substance.

2. To flub a television interview.

3. To Randomly repeat talking points regardless of the questions given to you.
Sarah Palinized on the debate last night, saying that she was going to answer the questions she wanted to answer.
by kidgib October 03, 2008
To avoid giving any substantial answer to a factual question, by means of cobbling together meaningless platitudes; to attempt to fool the listeners and distract their attention by pandering to their prejudices and using one's charm or attractiveness. Inspired by the distinctive style of Alaska governor and former VP candidate Sarah Palin.
At the press conference several reporters tried to hold the Prime Minister accountable, but he just continued to palinize until they had to give up.
by Sus_Shahor November 12, 2008
When someone answers a question without any form of intelligence or foresight. In an attempt to divert from giving a correct answer and in the process sounding unintelligible.
"Hey mat, have you seen my 50 dollars I left on the counter?"
"Well Tia, im not going to answer that question the way you want me to , but doggonit, I betcha, if we put our heads together we can come to some conclusion as to why money is even green to begin with."
"Mat , do me a favor and don't Palinize me!
by Atia Breen November 06, 2008
1. The act of firing people who divorce your family members.
2. To use your publicly elected powers for evil.
3. The ability of being able to point out Real America from Fake America
1. Judy was totally Palizined from her job after she divorced Stan, and then Stan and the boss went out drinking to celebrate!
2. I voted for Senator Washington, but I don't understand why he has to Palinize everything. I probably won't vote for him again.
3. Scott calculated the Rule of Palinization to determine that Portland, Oregon is not part of Real America.
by willers October 27, 2008
To lower, reduce, or dumb down

"Billy Joel and I have rehearsed a little, but you have to consider this more like the vice presidential debate: you have to Palinize your expectations" - Bruce Springsteen
by svsteve October 24, 2008
to lower, reduce, or dumb down
As Bruce Springsteen said at a recent concert at which he and Billy Joel performed:

"Billy and I have rehearsed a little, ...
You have to sort of Palinize your expectations. We seem like we know a lot, but we don't, really.' "
by stevesv October 17, 2008
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