To be exposed as ignorant or out-right idiotic with facts and documented evidence and refuse to acknowledge or admit any fault. Also to continue to forge forward clutching ignorance ever tighter.
Author Carrie Prejean was Palin-ized on the Larry King Show.
#palinized #dogmatic #nobel #imbecile #faith
by Psykram October 02, 2012
To reverse one's position in an issue in an attempt to pander. To flip-flop.
He palinized his position on living wills and health care directives]. Like Sarah Palin, he was for living wills before he was against them.
#reverse #flip-flop #pander #lie #bridge to nowhere #death panels
by Flaming Libby August 15, 2009
Adjective. 1. To render someone or something utterly useless. 2. To commit an act that has a complete disregard for logic. 3. The act of becoming dumb or dumber, or a complete moron.
Man, I can't believe that guy doesn't wear seat belts. He’s going to get into an accident and become permanently palinized.

It's quite palinistic to still believe that the sun orbits the earth.
#idiotic #unintelligent #enlightened #educated #penalized
by alien2069 February 09, 2011
Spinning any criticism of oneself into persecution.
Rather than accept responsibility for her bad behavior, Sarah would always palinize the situation and portray herself as being a victim of people who didn't like her.
#palin #victim #whiney #mamasboy #teaparty #spin
by stoptheplanet January 31, 2011
1) To alter history, especially in a manner to advance one's political views

2) To alter documents in such a way as to support a politician's Palinization
Definition 1: She Palinized the story of Paul Revere.
Definition 2: After her statement, her supporters were quick to Palinize Wikipedia.
#politics #propaganda #palinize (lower case) #bastardize #embellish
by INReader July 11, 2011
To take someone out, kill them, because you disagree with their views. But not really kill them, just jokingly refer to killing them.
Boy, if you don't get with the program and start studying your books, I'm gonna Palinize your ass!!
#sarah palin #cross hairs #kill #target #threaten
by Asheville girl January 11, 2011
To use one's power and wrath of God herself to take down another worthless male political leader and exposing his pussy along with all his dirt for the entire world to see, thereby destroying his credibility, career and stripping him of all his power.
Sarah Palin will palinize all foreign leaders around the world and become the One Supreme Leader and the Most Powerful Person in the entire world.
#sarah #palin #pussy #dickless #balless #wrath #god #herself
by aufman November 30, 2009
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