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Brazilian slang for someone who obviously looks high. Usually used to describe someone who has gotten high and is out in public and people can tell that he/she is high.

Can also be used as a verb
1. Jay and Silent Bob were so pala last night.

2. Don't be so pala.
by Brazil April 18, 2006
Short for the Spanish word "palabra," meaning literally "word."
-"That South of the Border wrap we had for lunch was tasty."
by Eden Castiron-Lewis December 26, 2007
The Flower known as the Flame of the Forest

Scientific name: Butea monosperma, Butea frondosa
Family: Faboideae / Leguminosae / Papilionaceae
Common names: Flame of the Forest, Dhak, Palas, Bastard Teak, Parrot Tree, Dhak or Palas (Hindi); Porasum (Tamil) ; Khakda (Gujerati).
Origin: India
That the flowers contain much nectar is evidenced by the frequent visits of many species of birds; sunbirds, mynahs and babblers are usually to be seen, hurrying from flower to flower, chattering and twittering. With man, also, the tree is very popular, having numerous uses. From an infusion of the flowers a brilliant colouring matter can be obtained, which may be made into water-paint or into a dye. Cotton, prepared with alum, can be dyed a bright yellow or orange.
by Tsering Angchuk July 07, 2005
Pala is the shortcut for Paladin in the game World of Warcraft.
LF Pala to join our group.

Pala's are so OP
by Bladecrusher February 19, 2009
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