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A place where: you; your mum; and all your family can get ripped-off to oblivion!
Oh blimey, those ****ers at the pakishop, have given me ANOTHER foreign coin!!
by Buddy Cury III August 01, 2006
A corner shop.

(The term derives from the fact that most cornershops are owned or run by pakis)
I'm going down the pakishop to purchase some Happy Shopper fags.
by PlugDude March 07, 2005
Paki shop refers to a shop which is usually ran by someone with a Pakistani descent and sells packets of crisps hence 'paki'.
I went down the paki shop and they didn't have any salt and vinegar.
by pakman-with-shop June 30, 2010
The place that can turn your exotic food Friday into the longest super diarrhea week of your life.
A: Have you seen Linda lately?
B: She's still recovering after that couscous from the pakishop.
A: D:
by flyingfuck July 03, 2011
No one truely means to cause offence by saying "Pakishop" the genral description of "Pakishop" is an asian run-convience store. This phrase is used as it is easier and more descriptive than saying "shop" or even "corner shop". Others people understand which store you are refering to when using the phrase "Pakishop" as it means:
"Nearest Asian-run convience store"
but it is a lot quicker to say.
"Just nippin' up the Pakishop for some bread Mom, do we need anymore milk or sugar?"
by LucifersTear July 14, 2005

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