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The food so nice, they named it twice.
"Ahhh, couscous, the food so nice, they named it twice."
by naterizzle March 20, 2009
Proper defintion:A pasta of North African origin made of crushed and steamed semolina.

A pasta-like food that is not intended for eating, but as a decoration for nagger lips}.
I can't wait to see Channing at lunch... it's couscous day.
by Don King March 15, 2005
the food so nice they named it twice
im going to go eat A LOT of cous cous
by larry carank January 31, 2009
A popular Middle Eastern food made of wheat

The food so nice they named it twice
I was in Israel the other day, and I ate some of that cous-cous.
by theziffster December 29, 2009
The female genitalia also known as putang, pussy, or vagina.
Man 1: "Holy shit man what did you do last night"
Man 2: "I fucking got drunken COUSCOUS dude!!!"
by Adam WSU October 14, 2007
A North African pasta dish, but often used as a slang term for female genitalia.
I have to say your couscous last night was delicious!
by Jason Mast April 06, 2006
A fatty Goose's vagina.
Fear factor made me eat a large COUSCOUS!!

by SRFRCHICK October 07, 2007

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