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(sporting) to get two ducks in your two innings in a 5 Day cricket match.
"Athers has got another fucking pair!"
by Billy-Bob McSanchez April 06, 2005
The set of breasts on a woman, usually commented on as a whole.
Dude, check out the pair on that babe!
by florkdorgingblads August 02, 2005
A set of two cards that share the same number or face value.
Two 2's is a bad pair, but two Aces is the best starting hand.
by DapperDanMan March 04, 2005
A dude's two testicles.
This guy is such a wuss, he acts like he doesn't even have a pair.
by skyblack April 03, 2004
Another terms for breasts.
Steve: Titanic is a terrible movie, but I loved seeing Kate Winselt's Pairs!!
by Oscar Knight February 18, 2012
two guns
he took his pair out showing two chromed out desert eagles
by Envy- August 27, 2003
1) another word for loads
2) Also used as a term to describe how fit a gal iz.
1) therez P air of them
2) That gal is p airrrr fit
by Duddy February 22, 2005