Offensive term for Irish person used by racists and bigots. Extensively used by occupying invaders as an insult or put down. Nothing to do with St.Patrick as stated elsewhere. Mick is another word usually used for the same purpose or reason. The usage of either "Mick" or "Paddy" or "Paddy-Wagon' should not be tolerated by good minded people.
Those Paddy (Mick) Bastar*s breed like rabbits and follow Rome (are Catholic).
by dermo2 March 20, 2008
A group of tightwad PAD members that resist the urge to conform to society's standards. IE. sleep, courtesy, and overall friendliness.
ROOM MATE #1: "Damnit, it's those Paddies again..."

ROOM MATE #2: "Yea, they're here all the fuckin time..."

PAD #1 "Shut Up, Bitch!"

ROOM MATE #2: "Looks like someone's being a Crabby Paddy..."

STORY: Those PAD members like to invade the space of room mates and tell the nicest guy across the hall to shut up on occasion. Then, they wake other people up, (who actually live in the room) and freeload off of the bed and room space to finish a quiz at 2AM and then have a gigantic orgy at 3AM.
by TheDarkTipper March 04, 2009
Slang for an irishman, probably derived from "St. Patrick", a common saint associated with irishmen. Source for "Paddywagon"
Jon's nickname was "Paddy McSpudfucker"
by JiggaJim March 24, 2003
PADDY- an inconvience you just cant get rid of, a discomfort, an iritant, pure annoyance, anything you do not want or that is a hindrance to your happiness.
I've just stubbed my toe - agh PADDY!

That cloud it blocking the sun.. It's a Paddy cloud

You are such a Paddy!
by BakerJ August 17, 2010
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