A group of tightwad PAD members that resist the urge to conform to society's standards. IE. sleep, courtesy, and overall friendliness.
ROOM MATE #1: "Damnit, it's those Paddies again..."

ROOM MATE #2: "Yea, they're here all the fuckin time..."

PAD #1 "Shut Up, Bitch!"

ROOM MATE #2: "Looks like someone's being a Crabby Paddy..."

STORY: Those PAD members like to invade the space of room mates and tell the nicest guy across the hall to shut up on occasion. Then, they wake other people up, (who actually live in the room) and freeload off of the bed and room space to finish a quiz at 2AM and then have a gigantic orgy at 3AM.
by TheDarkTipper March 04, 2009
Slang for an irishman, probably derived from "St. Patrick", a common saint associated with irishmen. Source for "Paddywagon"
Jon's nickname was "Paddy McSpudfucker"
by JiggaJim March 24, 2003
To throw a "wobbly", "tantrum"
Jane chucked the biggest Paddy at the Mall today!
by Pixxelbug July 21, 2010
PADDY- an inconvience you just cant get rid of, a discomfort, an iritant, pure annoyance, anything you do not want or that is a hindrance to your happiness.
I've just stubbed my toe - agh PADDY!

That cloud it blocking the sun.. It's a Paddy cloud

You are such a Paddy!
by BakerJ August 17, 2010
racial slang for an Irishman

also: a brand of irish wiskey that is found on most irishmen at all times
"aye, tis a blessing to be irish"
by IrishReublicanArmy October 25, 2003
A extremley offensive name for a person of irish decent. Paddy is an equvilant to calling a black person a nigger. While Irish people were inslaved by the English they were called the Blacks of Europe and niggers turned inside out. Paddy's were not considered white they were often called green. Irish people drank away many of there problems and for these reasons are racially ridiculed by whites to this day.

I am proud to be a Paddy and no englishman can take that away from me!
You fuckin Paddys arent welcome here
To hell or Barbadoes
useless paddys smell like potatoes
Poor ass Paddys
Lets go Lynch some paddys
by True Irish April 04, 2006
A Self-Obsessed SHIT
Person 1 - What you get?
Person 2- 3 A*s, but i want to retake two of them!
Person 1 - God you're such a paddy!
by u dont know who :-) April 16, 2010

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