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Surname of the family originally known as MacAonghusa. It is written that they descendeded from Saran, chief of the Dal Araidhe. They would be a part of the Ui Eathach Cobha in what is now County Down and ultimately ruled as the lords/chiefs (both prominently and intermittently) of Iveagh in Rathfairland until the mid to late 17th century. They also held Castle Dundrum from the late fourteenth century until 1601, and for a brief stint from 1642 to the late 1640's.
Some famous McGuinness people include John Martin McGuinness (Irish Republican politician), Deborah Louise McGuinness (co-director and senior research scientist at the Knowledge Systems Laboratory at Stanford University), Ed McGuinness (comic book artist), and John McGuinness (professional motorcycle racer).
by Ian McGuinness May 01, 2006
The exceptionally dark, messy, creamy gastric result of eating a Big Mac "meal" and drinking Guinness until you pass out.

Can be used as a noun or verb.
Stop here at this gas station and let me McGuinness their toilet.
by ShoeChew October 11, 2010
A term derived originating from McGeiver, which was then associated to a one McGruber during the superbowl 2009 Pepsi Cola Commercials in which "McGruber" instead of pulling a McGeiver fails to do so and instead drinks a pepsi Cola. The term was then modified to better suit a more talented individual.
1."I need a credit card, a smoke, and a pen...McGuinness are you buying a bottle of Moet? MCGUINNESS!!!"

2."I need a beard, a paperclip, and Jorge...McGuinness are you trying to get kirk out of his exam? MCGUINNESS!!!"
by oxford dictionary sources March 22, 2009
Lumbering, big-nosed dignity-phobe. Tells lies and has scabby hands.
McGuinness looked in the mirror and thought "who is that lumbering, big-nosed dignity-phobe. And what's with those diseased hands?"
by kathy sweeney May 10, 2005
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