the name given to people of irish orientation, regardless of sex.
'Fuck off Paddy, you smell'

'Paddy was a nice girl from ireland'
by Gamblor October 28, 2003
Victim of a crime. Victim of violence.
Hey, there he goes right there.He doesn't even see us. Smoke that paddy.
by Dylanger March 30, 2006
Weed dealer who gives shit deals
"thats a fucking shit 8th paddy?"
"hav a sm0ke wid u guys?"
"no fuck off"
by B-real April 06, 2003
Paddy originated from the irish hills was found by jmoo and taken to the lowly town of sheringham in which he was greeted with gifts of gold frankinsence and cheese! he was to turn on the christmas lights but when he got on the stage he began masterbating and cam all over the croud!
Paddy now means
1) offensive slang for a gay person
2) a wank
3) a very small penis
1) Shut up you stupid paddy
2) hes just had a paddy in the loo
3) god hes got a paddy
by Niallb December 01, 2004
An irish drunk, who drinks whisky and lots of beer. He always is close to his irish roots
Paddy just drank an entire bottle of Jameson.
by Jersey February 28, 2005

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