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A extremley offensive name for a person of irish decent. Paddy is an equvilant to calling a black person a nigger. While Irish people were inslaved by the English they were called the Blacks of Europe and niggers turned inside out. Paddy's were not considered white they were often called green. Irish people drank away many of there problems and for these reasons are racially ridiculed by whites to this day.

I am proud to be a Paddy and no englishman can take that away from me!
You fuckin Paddys arent welcome here
To hell or Barbadoes
useless paddys smell like potatoes
Poor ass Paddys
Lets go Lynch some paddys
by True Irish April 04, 2006
76 99
A Paddy is an Irishman. The traditional Irish name Patrick, used to be spelt Padrick in the slightly older days... Thus making the word Paddy.
Englishman: Hey Paddy! Paddy!
Irishman: Im going ta kill ya to be sure!
by Craig June 15, 2004
95 121
Homosexual or broner-inducing.
We were all working out, then he went totally paddy.
by Alan Bennet November 27, 2009
4 37
An offensive term to a girl who cannot use tampons- or finds it a struggle to insert them
"Look it's paddy, you unlucky freak!"
by B+B May 22, 2008
7 47
Midly offensive term for an irish person, taken from st. patrick, who wasn't actually Irish.
Who's that lying on the ground? Stop skiving Denis, you useless paddy.
by Kung-fu Jesus July 08, 2004
22 64
the name given to people of irish orientation, regardless of sex.
'Fuck off Paddy, you smell'

'Paddy was a nice girl from ireland'
by Gamblor October 28, 2003
19 65
A strange girl who likes to watch anime and play video games. Always seen crying in corners with her lover, Tidus. Most often can be heard using the term "RAPE!" at inappropriate times. Approach with caution, can be armed and dangerous.
"That Paddy is one strange chick" "Boo you whore"
by Sayuki April 05, 2008
2 49