A group of tightwad PAD members that resist the urge to conform to society's standards. IE. sleep, courtesy, and overall friendliness.
ROOM MATE #1: "Damnit, it's those Paddies again..."

ROOM MATE #2: "Yea, they're here all the fuckin time..."

PAD #1 "Shut Up, Bitch!"

ROOM MATE #2: "Looks like someone's being a Crabby Paddy..."

STORY: Those PAD members like to invade the space of room mates and tell the nicest guy across the hall to shut up on occasion. Then, they wake other people up, (who actually live in the room) and freeload off of the bed and room space to finish a quiz at 2AM and then have a gigantic orgy at 3AM.
#paddy #paddies #fraternity #lawyers #phi alpha delta
by TheDarkTipper March 04, 2009
Top Definition
1. Shortened name for Patrick.
2. Inoffensive name for an Irishman.
3. Offensive name for an Irishman.
4. A tantrum or 'wobbler'.
1. March the 17th is St Paddy's Day.
2. I'm proud to be a Paddy.
3. You fucking bog-pig Irish Paddy.
4. My wife caught me in bed with her mum, twin sisters and pet goat. Jesus did she throw a paddy. Her bedsheets were ruined.
by The Strut October 12, 2004
All around perfect man and a sexy beast. Known to cause even the most loyal of girls to turn on their boyfriends. Talented with music, words, and kills in any sport he plays. Strong like bull. Always competitive, and ALWAYS wins what he competes in. Some consider to be on the status of not only a god, but THE God.
"Damn, my girl got snatched..."

"Kick his ass dude!"

"Nah man... it was Paddy bro"

"Awww shit... leave it alone, that fucker will kill you"
#god #loyal #strong #perfect #sexy
by ron45 February 06, 2010
Racially offensive English term for Irish people.
by y'boy ye! April 23, 2003
Since many early American cops were Irish, the wagon that carried them to a crime scene or hauled crooks to the jail were known as Paddy Wagons.
O'leary... summon the paddy wagon... these boys need to spend the night in the hoosecow.
#irish #police #cop #wagon #badge
by D0c February 22, 2006
It also is slang positive and negative for an Irishman...and this is the origin. The Irish came to England en masse from two origins. The potato famine in the 1800's when starvation was real, many found passage to the U.S., Canada, on ship work to anywhere in the world there was food. Also cheap workers were needed for cutting by pick and shovel the canal and rail network. They came in their thousands and many settled along the way. Positively many were shortened from Patrick to Pat or Paddy and it became a euphemism for the persons Irish origins.
Then the Irish were well known for enjoying a drink and having a short tempered fuse and kicking off. They caused fights, were well built brawny men through physical labour work...and thirsty when ale quenched thirst, water was polluted. Police came in closed dark wagons...horse and cart at first, nick named paddy wagons as they carried more Irish than English.

Appeasing an Irishman by giving him something positive to try and defuse his temper is where the rhyme song came from
This old man, he played one (as in fought one)
He played Knick knack on my drum (first called bum)
Knick Knack paddy whack, give the man a bone (appease him, give him something to calm him)
This old man came rolling home (as in drunk)
The Paddy flew into a sudden drunken paddy.
#paddywagon #paddywhack #paddy/tantrum #paddy/irish man #paddy/temper
by Cassie54 May 20, 2015
Massive wanker
You're such a paddy
#paddy #dickhead #wanker #prick #cool
by Swaglord56 September 13, 2015
English slang name for an Irishman.
Paddys eat alot of potatoes.
by Da Beast March 24, 2003
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