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retarded delusional vomit faced phsycotic sheep fuckers
12year old kids that think they know hacking. they THINK. Blimey, thats a bit too much credit. In reality, they only know how to lag people because their friend who also knows nothing (about anything) showed them how. Step by step.
by the truth March 05, 2005
A fucking asshole who spends nights and days on the internet infecting people with litmus bots and uses them to packet others also known as a botnet
My friend sue is a packet kiddie, funny thing is i actually pwned her first
by Joshua Tempesta March 07, 2004
A hacker that uses hacked boxes to packet other people.
That packet kiddie took my shell offline.
by bysin December 15, 2003
harsh slang term for someone with enough bandwidth to fry your modem.
Term not to use when dealing with a guy like Rain with a botnet with more bots than your state has people. Basically he will make you cry.
by eGod March 06, 2003
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