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Yet another example of a packet kiddie who truly believes he has the right to tell people what to do, and nobody is allowed to bad mouth him. Everyone knows that he is not the gangster he thinks he is. Let's face it, anyone who knows HOW to packet is bound to be some sort of computer nerd. I mean, go up to some real drug abusing gangster on the streets of London or New Your etc, and ask them what an "IP" is - You'll get a broken nose.
dizee needs to grow a penis, and get a life.
by DALnetSupporter February 22, 2003
1) Lamers
2) Abusive people
3) The people with 3 inch penises
4) dizee
5) dizee's crap mother.
dizee's mother unfortunately does not know how to raise children, and therefore, has spawned this sad little thing.
by DALnetSupporter February 22, 2003
One of the largest IRC NETWORKS in the world. Currently undergoing Troublesome DDoS attacks, that could quite easily rip apart any network (I would love to see the network that dizee uses withstand an 8 gigabyte per second attack.)

A colony of great, wonderful people, where many users can chat. (P.S, DALnet is not a server you spasticated nappy)
DALnet demands that all servers must be able to handle atleast 750GB per month - Hence why when servers get hit with 8 Giga bytes per second, they split (You do the math.)
by DALnetSupporter February 22, 2003

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