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A police or highway patrol car driving on an interstate highway making it impossible for anyone to pass.
Dude, you're only going 55! I know, there's a pace car in front of me.
by J-Rod123 April 30, 2006
the first slow turd, followed by a bunch of quick ones.
I was all jammed up until the pace car passed.
by D12345 May 09, 2006
An acronym standing for "Phone, Asian, Chick, Elderly," stereotypically considered the four worst categories of drivers (i.e., people talking on cell phones, people of Asian decent, women and old people). Similar to a pace car in NASCAR, the PACE car usually sets the pace for the flow of traffic by driving slowly or erratically in front of cars wishing to pass or drive faster. Once the PACE car gets out of the way, traffic will return to normal speeds and predictability. Often other drivers in the rear of the pack will guess which category the PACE car driver belongs to before seeing the driver when and if they are finally able to pass.
Be careful honey, it looks like there's a PACE car up ahead creating a bottleneck in the flow of traffic. At first I thought they were looking for an address or parking space but now I can see its just a PACE car. What kind of PACE car do you think it will turn out to be?
by C. Elliot Lee September 15, 2013
A non-alcoholic drink intended to slow you down from getting too drunk.
"Hey John, what are you drinking?"

"A pace car bro, that last jager bomb pushed me against the wall then told me to make it a sandwich, so I need to take a few laps to cool the engine"
by banjoalltheway June 08, 2009
The one car on the highway, typically driven by an elderly person with their mouth hanging open, which pulls into the passing lane, only to remain the same speed as the other cars, thus making it impossible to pass other cars.
Driver: damn, this old lady is clogging the passing lane.

Passenger: chill, there's always gonna be that one the Pace Car
by frustrated-driver October 10, 2010
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