A acrynym for a girl from pace florida meaning
Man those girls from pace are crazy.
by Milto Fo Sho January 27, 2009
Top Definition
the Italian word for "peace"

used as a greeting or farewell

most often accompanied with the visual peace sign made with the index and middle finger being the only extended
-*walks into a room" Pace.

-Bye. Love you.
- Love you. Pace.

by Kacky October 12, 2005
An italian word translated to english which means peace
Io voglio pace=i want peace
by Vasco De Gama April 09, 2005
Referring to someones speed.
Damn you slow as shit, you cant keep up with my pace.
by EnSabahNur December 28, 2013
a word meaning sick, awesome, cool
guy 1: that poster's cool
guy 2: naa mate it's pace
by asdfghjkl;18784125 February 25, 2012
Parking Authority of East Lansing: Vultures who wait until 2 minutes before you get back to your car at an expired meter to give you a ticket, every. goddamn. time.
I owe over 300 dollars to those P.A.C.E. sons of bitches.

Those blood sucking vampires got me again. DAMN YOU P.A.C.E.!

Mother Fucker. P.A.C.E. just got me.
by P Russ April 23, 2011
Precision, Accuracy, Creativity, Excellence
Todd and Jay the best Flankers/1st 5s in the world. P.A.C.E
by Chezy_Boi June 13, 2008
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