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A tamil fresh from KFC.
Damb Selvi yo a tamilatoe
by Patelly March 08, 2008
Tamil + tomatoe = tamilatoe

couldnt be any easier...usually found in and around KFC's on their break. BEWARE. close interaction can cause unstopable body odors, usually curry like sents!
mans 1: SHIT BOI! mans chirpsed galdem called Selvi (not the dog who some1 in tamil naduu married) now mans smells like HARO TANDOORI!

mans 2: ahhh she a tamilatoe blud!

by Patelly March 08, 2008
Pace = Penis Face.

its a cooler alternative to the over used *blick accent* dick head blud pshht.
(vadir see's selvi walking across the street)

Vadir: yo yo yo holla at you boi!
Kushel: SHUP FOOL! she a tamil nigga y u gotta be a pace!
Vadir: my bad niggah
by Patelly March 09, 2008

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