extremly large head, a person at a young age with receeding hair line.
MAn that guys got a fucking pace of a head
by iamtherealywubbkent July 01, 2007
Somebody who gets drunk really quickly on a small volume of alcohol.

A pace my also refer to somebody who refuses to come out drinking
1) Is Duncan still out?, Nah he had to go home because he is a pace

2) Andy is such a pace for not coming out tonight
by shlogon January 05, 2011
Pace = Penis Face.

its a cooler alternative to the over used *blick accent* dick head blud pshht.
(vadir see's selvi walking across the street)

Vadir: yo yo yo holla at you boi!
Kushel: SHUP FOOL! she a tamil nigga y u gotta be a pace!
Vadir: my bad niggah
by Patelly March 09, 2008
he also likes to wear blazers, fuck paulie, and play catch with his dog, named Toby, who has a bell and big nipples.
" man, that guys such a PACE"
"yeah, i know, i hate PACE'S"
by mr pacefucker March 26, 2009
a buff ting, invented by the Ghetto Warriors of Bham England
that one bum gyal is rar pace blud u gets me?

don't watch
by Lip Bart Parso GW March 11, 2005
Used in the urban landscape of the ghetto this word is used by hood people. It means "lata" or "im out."
"motha f*cka got shot! im outta hurr pace."

"b ez ill b back pace."
by Yung Hov January 29, 2005
A male who is obsessed with a girl but will never get any action from her, and will die a virgin. The only action he will ever get will be from his own unwilling hand(see molesterbation).
He sat there with kari all night and all they did was sit next to each other, what a pace.
by daytonizer April 16, 2008

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