While hitting a female doggystyle, grab her ass cheeks and stretch them apart such that her asshole stretches into a horizontal line. One must then release the cheeks so that the roundness of the asshole is preserved. By doing this over and over again at a steady pace, the asshole looks to be mocking our favorite Nintendo character from decades earlier.
"Yo man, I was hitting my girlfriend doggystyle and pacman'ing the shit out of her...she absolutely loved it!"
by Ryan Ott March 20, 2006
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A yellow pizza missing one slice. He apparently has no eyes, lives in the 2nd dimension, has a wife that wears lipstick and a bow, and has a child that wears a beanie. He eats pellets and runs from ghosts. On lucky days, he eats pellets that enable him to devour those same ghosts. Occasionally, he eats fruits...or pretzels.
"I just got up to the banana, on Pac-man."
by izalex August 21, 2003
A really happy guy with a big head and a really large smile who won't stop popping weird yellow pills in his mouth.
Damn.. PacMan be popping some pills again!
by Ms. PacMan February 07, 2005
A yellow circle with one quarter cut out to make a mouth

this was a big arcade game back in the day
Mommy can i have another quarter to play pac man?
by Welshwonder April 23, 2004
PacMan is that little yellow fucker who runs away from the ghosts trying to eat all the dots and fruit

he also makes an appearance in the Bloodhound Gang song titled "Mope"
Excerpt from the Bloodhound Gang song "Mope"

PacMan: Yo yo yo yo! What it is motherfuckers!
Dude 1: Aww shit... here comes PacMan...
Dude 2: Hey PacMan. What's up?
PacMan: Me, you bitches! I'm high on crack! Wanna freebase?
Dude 1: No PacMan! Drugs are bad...
Dude 2: Nope. Can't help you man...
PacMan: Pussies...*freebases crack* Whooooaaaaaa!!!! HOLY SHIT!!
by scary bear September 26, 2006
a figure in a game that looks like a yellow circle with his mouth cut out of it and a black dot as an eye,and says waka waka waka when is eating dots.
wakawaka waka.....................................................
by jake doodely snider July 22, 2004
Someone who enjoys large quanities of over the counter pills.
Charlie is a pac-man, he eats vicodin like candy.
by sable m November 10, 2005
Nickname of the Filipino Boxing Champion, Manny Pacquiao.

Boxing announcers and match commentators usually call him by his nickname "Pac-Man" instead of his surname "Pacquiao", since it's easier to pronounce.
"In this corner, wearing red flaming shorts: Manny Pac-Man Pacquiao!"
by DTNS January 25, 2009
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