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Manboobs are when a man has saggy titties and looks as if he has never entered the gym. His body probably looks 50 years older than his real age.
Damn Terry, you got manboobs.
by TK May 19, 2004
Someone who has been eating way too many damn mini-wheats and hasn't been getting laid frequently enough to work them off.
Damn, Terry has not gotten laid in 22 years......
by TK May 19, 2004
Japanese word, translates to Devil.
Often used as a nick-handle in IRC, online gaming.
by TK February 08, 2004
A way of saying motherfucker that makes more sense than mofo, because the second letter in fuck is a "u" not an "o"
You stupid mofu, you cant even say it right
by tk December 03, 2003
Of Boston Origin. A social function, also known as a party. Usually involves Kegs, but that is optional.
Did you see those two strippers and that midget at Mattus' ripper last night?
by TK November 12, 2004
Contemporary American Slang - Verb. 1) To release spooge suddenly and/or unexpectedly after viewing a beautiful woman. 2) To ejaculate during sex.
Ex: "Damn, she was so fine, I splurted in my pants!"

"Hold on, I'm gonna splurt!"
by TK April 12, 2004
1) An unsightly growth which should be cut as soon as it is publicly noticed (but sometimes isn't).
2) Pubes.
Some tend to say bush is a good thing. Others tend to be right.
by TK March 11, 2005

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