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A yellow pizza missing one slice. He apparently has no eyes, lives in the 2nd dimension, has a wife that wears lipstick and a bow, and has a child that wears a beanie. He eats pellets and runs from ghosts. On lucky days, he eats pellets that enable him to devour those same ghosts. Occasionally, he eats fruits...or pretzels.
"I just got up to the banana, on Pac-man."
by izalex August 21, 2003
A hilarious exclamation, usually not used alone.
"Whoa! You scared the bajeezus out of me!"
"All I did was turn on TV."
"But Roseanne is on!!"
by izalex August 22, 2003
A fun way to say "boxers"
"I wear b0xx0rs instead of teh br13f5 :D"
by izalex August 22, 2003
v. To walk confidently; to strut.
"So I was bossin' down the street..."
by izalex August 21, 2003
"Did you hear that new Dashboard Confessional song?"
"Yes, I did."
by izalex August 21, 2003

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