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A training ground for capitalist hypocrisy
Clone A: Dude, my mom sucks cuz she won't even buy me a Land Rover until I get a B average. Let's go to Pac Sun 'n spend $45 of her money, allocated as gift rather than compensation, on shorts that look like they're from the trift store; then play X-box n' talk about how much we hate (other) rich people.

Clone B: I feel good when I pretend that Volcom isn't run by two new-money corporate exec's who exploit children by pretending to be the cool children they once were. I bet they have a terrain park at corporate headquarters.
by Fake G-Unit August 22, 2006
9 26
!!!THE BEST STORE IN THE MALL!!! The people that hate pac sun are weird O's! If you have never been into PAC SUN you should it is the best store EVER!!!!
peep 1:Let's go shopping at pac sun
peep 2:Kewl, it is the best store ever I can get surfer/sk8er clothes there!
Peep 1:Yeah, I know
by Presley June 11, 2005
47 64
Pac Sun, or Pacific Sunwear, is an over-priced clothing retailer found in crappy malls. The only thing they really have going for them is the fact that they carry a myriad of hard-to-find brands which most stores don't. So if you want to wear your Famous Stars and Straps shirts or your Element jeans, then yes Pac Sun is for you.
anonymous voice #1: Do you know where I can find Vans?
anonymous voice #2: Uhm... Not American Beagle, or Abercrombie & Snitch.
anonymous voice #3: Pac Sun has all sorts of skate shoes.
by Rehsiborf June 18, 2006
25 43
store for people who arent quite man enough to walk through those scary hot topic doors, but still want studded belts and shirts that have funny monkeys on them, or something of that gist. apperantly its a "surf and skate" store. 99% of customers dont surf or skate. its true. just another corporation trying to appeal to kids by saying theyre not "corporate"
pac sun blows almost as hard as hot topic.

malls suck! make your own clothes!
by sam March 10, 2005
24 43
Actually a pretty cool store for people who are posers and think "Awwwww sweet I'm gonna be a skater cause I bought a shirt that says "Element" on it and one that says "Hurley" Haha, Duhhrrr"
Or for people who are skaters and know what the brand names are. Like me :D Actually...I'm a snowboarder...but w.e
They Have nice sweatshirts and hoodies that can be kinda of expensive and nice graphic tee's with cool designs
Katie "Haha...Lets go to Pac Sun cause I wanna be a i'm gonna look like I am"
Me: Your an Idiot.
by SNOWBOARDINGisLIFE August 16, 2007
3 23

I only go for the shoes because the skate shop want you left nut for anything
The guys at the skate shop wanted my left nut!

Go to pac sun get the same shoe for half, just don't buy the clothes.

Dude don't worry!
by a flippin ninja April 09, 2005
14 35
Store with ok clothes, but you can fund MUCH better deals almost anywhere else... Kind of like Abercrombie and Hollister...
Average price for a sweat shirt: 50$
My opinion: Rip off!
by Kaylee February 15, 2005
24 45