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a word orignating from the valley, circa 1982. Used as an exclamation of joy, or a variation of yes(check totally).
"Tcha! that dude is like, mega frikkin hot!"
by Josephine March 10, 2005
1.) Being of IMMENSE size.

2.) A b*tch of immense size.
1.) Look at that heffaty!

2.)Dude! You got hooked with such a heffaty!
by Josephine April 24, 2005
Someone who thinks only about sex and is a complete show off.

((-actually made by steve))
Steve: Shut up, John!
John: How 'bout you!? Ya m*tha f*cker!
Steve: How 'bout you!? Ya mreeper!!
by Josephine April 29, 2005
1.) An ex-actress in downtown L.A. Often found by a fast food place.

2.) An extremely large woman found right outside Starbucks in those little tables on the sidewalks, drinking a cappuccino and remembering the old days and crying while eating a whopper.
1.) She's such a freakin heffaty dude. Look at her standing in that line, she's almost too big for it!

2.) Just look near a Starbucks.
by Josephine June 28, 2005
1.) Life size barbie mall outlet.

2.) The entrance to plastic hell.

3.) Sunny Delight in a crammed crate
1.) Let's go meet Ken at Pac Sun!

2.) Pac Sun is bright and colorful. Sometimes you can see through the shirts!

3.) I want to order some Pac Sun
by Josephine April 24, 2005
1.) Some weird shit, man!

2.) What I use to scare children
1.) Dave, Dave! I saw some jabberwocky listnight on Lifetime!!

2.) Now Shelly, if you don't go to bed i'm going to get the Jabberwocky to peel your flesh off piece-by-piece. Or i'll just tell your mum.
by Josephine April 24, 2005

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