please call me in txt speak
hey, gotta go now. pcm.
by glumbad May 21, 2005
Top Definition
Pseudo Christian Moron
1. One who professes belief in Christianity whose action do not demontrate that belief.
2. One who twists the Message of Christianity into one of hate.

see www.Godhatesfags.com for a fine example of a pCm.
by Donovan Wolfe May 11, 2006
Abreviation for Powertrain Control Module. Found in newer vehicles. Controls major performance of Engine and Transmission on vehicle.
Looks like you need a new PCM sir.
by Ass-Monger September 15, 2006
Proper Cock Maintenance
shaving your balls. Hey Paul, did you PCM today?
by Paul Guay March 01, 2010
Pingchat message. A competitor of the RIM's bbm. It has all the capabilities of blackberry messaging; message confirmation, group chat, media sending, etc;. It's multi-platform, it can be used on iPhones, Blackberries, and Android phones.
Kat: I pcm'd you yesterday with a picture of the beach! Why didn't you respond!

Ian: I never got a picture of the beach!

Kat: BS! I got a check next to the message which means you opened it!
by sashniqua August 04, 2010
Post Crap Mode.

This is when you drop a deuce and your butt hole hurt really bad after.

Common symptoms: Anal irritability, discomfort when sitting, general mid-body movement impairment.
Graham: Dude I just took a major dump and I got nasty PCM going on here.

Kyle: T.M.I. dude.
by Kyle's Me Graham April 14, 2011
pacific coast mafia; they're cold hearted,evil,devious regulators, show no mercy, ghost riders, mysterious, don't have friends, keep to themselves,they take care of business, like an elephant they never forget the one's who'v done them wrong,patience is their virtue and pay back's a bitch!
What out for the pcm, they show no mercy.
by ke May 10, 2005

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