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2 definitions by Ass-Monger

Abreviation for Powertrain Control Module. Found in newer vehicles. Controls major performance of Engine and Transmission on vehicle.
Looks like you need a new PCM sir.
by Ass-Monger September 15, 2006
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A vehicle technician of high grade or quality. Typically 'over-diagnoses' problems, resulting in wiring repairs, reprogramming PCMs, or pretending to repair vehicles. Usually spotted with his DRB scanner.
"Traced and repaired intermittant short in instrument panel wiring harness, r&r partial harness and HVAC wiring, repair remote start harness grounding near column, resemble instrument panel and rmeote starter system, repairec C11 RD at column harness from power distribution center." - Super-Tech
by Ass-Monger September 15, 2006
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