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The message sent by a dog peeing on a tree, fire hydrant, etc, and received by another dog's sniffing.
"Stop yanking my leash, dude. I'm trying to read my pmail."

From: Alpha Male
To: All
Subject: Love and War

New stud in town. 25" tall. Good genes. Looking for healthy bitch in heat. Will fight all rivals.


Hey big guy - I'm your mate.
Check this out and come get me.
#peemail #marking #dog pee #non-verbal communication #dog behavior
by brainyuck November 01, 2010
An E-Mail that contains porn or other adult content.
Bernard was fired after he opened a P-mail that contained a virus.
by Bernard Bangwanger October 21, 2004
Liquid communications used by dogs, usually deposited near letterboxes, fire-hydrants and lamp posts.
Mike: That was a long walk, I thought you were only going around the block.
Sophia: Splash (male dog) had a lot of p-mail to catch up on.
#dogs #communications #letterboxes #lamp posts #fire-hydrants
by Orange Diva May 21, 2008
Message transmission by dogs by marking objects with their urine
Bowser enjoys his nightly walks, because he can send and receive p-mail on all the local trees, poles and hydrants
#pee #mark #business #leg lift #urine
by JoJoh October 22, 2006
Spam email that specifically relates to penises, medication for penis, augmentation of them, etc...
My email box is full of pmail. I just don't need any more viagra. I have enough.
#email #spam #pmail #viagra #cialis
by DrDamnit November 15, 2007
A shortened version of porn-mail The e-mail adress that is used to access free offers on porn sites. It is not your real e-mail, but just one that recieves all of the spam e-mails.
Mick: Yeah, it sounds like a great site, but it says it needs my e-mail. I don't want it to have it.

Steve: Don't worry, just use your p-mail
#e-mail #porn-mail #porn #websites #tricks
by JJ5418 May 31, 2007
When you excuse yourself to use the bathroom and, while away, pause to check your e-mail.
What took you so long? I was on a p-mail break.
#urination #e-mail #email #toilet #technology
by JPK11 January 25, 2009
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