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Very high stiletto heels; come fuck me shoes
Ruta and Coco wanted to go out and get some business with their well heeled Viagra clientele , so they strapped on their CFM shoes with the rhinestones
by JoJoh October 22, 2006
Message transmission by dogs by marking objects with their urine
Bowser enjoys his nightly walks, because he can send and receive p-mail on all the local trees, poles and hydrants
by JoJoh October 22, 2006
A dish composed of salted cured meats, smoked and variety meat sausages, and various pickled cabbage products
Hans enjoyed his farterplatten, but the aftermath caused tension in his household
by JoJoh September 28, 2006
Bowel or urinal relief by a dog in a permitted location
I took my big dog out so he could do his business by lifting his leg on that tree

Muffy goes out every morning to do her business in front of the neighbor's house
by JoJoh October 22, 2006

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