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A contradiction in terms. Contrary to what some people will tell you, from Limerick to Florida, it does NOT mean a stupid ox. Derived instead from the Greek words oxy (sharp) and moros (dull).
Examples of oxymorons:

sunny night
military intelligence
compassionate conservative
ethical landlord
honest politician
open-minded altie
Christian Democrat
to appear invisible
deafening silence
friendly fire
charm offensive
civil war
by Fearman December 03, 2007
85 75
when a chick's nice warm mouth is giving a guy dome with ice in her mouth to create a contradicting sensation in the genital region
Alex: O's that oxymoron felt so good last night
O's: Did your cum freeze when it hit the ice
Alex: No because the warm mouth contradicted the freezing ice thus creating an oxymoron and a great feeling
by The cheating system February 01, 2011
20 21
A ridiculous comparision. Conjoining contradictory terms.
Example of Oxymoron
Unjust Law
Tax Return
Airline Food
Alone Together
Taped Live
Peace Force
Anarchy Rules
Affordable Housing
by Ashley Elizabeth October 26, 2005
30 32
Two words that means the exact opposite of the next word.
Two words that conflict eachother
Examples of an oxymoron:
Obama Care
Naturally Artificial
Toyota Stop
by WAFFLES ARE THE BEST March 16, 2011
27 30
Usually two words that contradict each other.
'Microsoft Works'
'Military intelligence'
by jacko March 01, 2004
21 24
Someone addicted to or who abuses Oxycontin
Elijah Hastings Darnell is a oxymoron.
by The ZPD April 29, 2009
6 10
figure of speech combining two normally contradictory terms
(e.g. "tolerant LK", "correct LK",etc.)
by 100%Caborn May 22, 2005
20 24
Two words with contradicting meanings used together.
Something that appears self-contradictory.
Oxymoron Examples:

French Resistance
Microsoft Works
Rap Music
by RANDOM TEH April 21, 2010
1 6