An idiotic, slow and inept person who also uses way too much Oxycontin/Oxycodone. What is important to stress is that they would be a moron even without the Oxycontin/Oxycodone, but they're also a pillhead.
"Dang, where is Keith? He was supposed to meet us down at the lake an hour ago."

"Oh he's an Oxymoron... He went the wrong way... and smoked a month worth of 20's."
by Chad Wise April 16, 2012
What Billy Mays called everyone that bought his products.
Billy Mays: I hope those oxymorons are gullible enough to buy the next piece of shit I'm pushing.
by alltrull November 29, 2009
Two words in a phrase that conflict and go against each other.
Jumbo Shrimp
Military Intelligence
Black People
by Nate Higgers January 26, 2005
when a chick's nice warm mouth is giving a guy dome with ice in her mouth to create a contradicting sensation in the genital region
Alex: O's that oxymoron felt so good last night
O's: Did your cum freeze when it hit the ice
Alex: No because the warm mouth contradicted the freezing ice thus creating an oxymoron and a great feeling
by The cheating system February 01, 2011
Conflicting words put together
Living dead
peace force
new classic
airline food
Fast ford im from auz. a holden lover at heart
by Patrio7 May 10, 2005
It's contradiction in a same sentence or a word.
Honest lawyer.
Nice ex wife/husband.
Cheap vacation.
Cheap gilfriend/boyfriend
by Julie March 24, 2005
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