Two words in a sentence that contradict each other. Not necessarily opposites, however
Oxymoron examples

Talented Rapper
Holy Crap
AOL high-speed broadband
Holy War
Square Circle
United Arab Emirates
by JCJ August 27, 2006
Usually two words that contradict each other.
'Microsoft Works'
'Military intelligence'
by jacko March 01, 2004
two words paired together which have conflicting meanings; two words whose meanings are so different that pairing them together results in an impossible combination.
Oxymorons include but are not limited to:

Fox News
United States
same difference
new moon
smart girl
Church of Scientology
by this be my fucking name bisch November 01, 2009
Someone addicted to or who abuses Oxycontin
Elijah Hastings Darnell is a oxymoron.
by The ZPD April 29, 2009
2 words that contradict each other like its so wonderfuly painful
the greatest oxymoron my teacher tought us was quiet women
by some person in some world April 01, 2009
Two words in a phrase that conflict and go against each other.
Jumbo Shrimp
Military Intelligence
Black People
by Nate Higgers January 26, 2005
A stupid person with bad skin problems.
Poor Norman he has the intelligence of an amoeba and a face only a mother could love.
...yeah poor Norm, he's an Oxymoron.
by sunshiyong October 25, 2010
Someone who actually believes Oxyclean works.
Joe- "That Billy Mays, such an oxymoron,"

Jeff- "May he rest in peace,"
by CrazyOxy October 04, 2009

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