v: Possessing a deed to one's ass
Hamburglar: "Come robble my knobble."

"That statement owns meh"
by Gohei February 26, 2004
An odd word to come across when, in grammar, you are supposed to put it into the past tense.
I owned a yellow canary.
by Bobert (Imma girl) December 01, 2006
To take a crap in someone's house, or to crap in someone's town, country, or any other definable boundary.

Dude, Tonya completely owns your house, that still reeks.
I own pretty much all the towns from Naples to Rome.
Don't talk to me that way, I OWN you.
by Robotkin June 26, 2008
used to say something is better than something else
Louie: My hairs owns your hair.
by Louie XIX Reyes November 22, 2005
a verb means "to own"
It can be used in two meanings:
1. is Elite means to pwn, to kill some1
2. to have something that is yours.
<n00b> Hey Dude I own this car, don't touch it
<h4x0r> That car must be a n00b if a you ownd it
<n00b> wtf?
<h4x0r> haha n00b
by CMEX June 05, 2005
Possibly a tyop of "won", given the contexts it's used in. Also 0wn and pwn.
Dude. I owned at Pong.
by antiphon January 20, 2004
To own, To belong oneself, To belong someone, to be controlled, to be dominated and spanked aka girl own, to maintain someones position
To own a bitch!!!
To be owned (dominated controlled) by a hot chick.
I am owned by my bitch every nite.
I own that doode in that position.(think nasty or CS way ur choice)
by The F*ckin 504 accord March 12, 2003

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