The female version of Alan from the Hangover (a retard)

or someone who use's excessive fake tan.
You see that girl Lucy, she's such a retard....what an Owens.
by L Pegs April 29, 2010
1. A soccer god

2. A moocher, who lacks the moral fibers to pay one back, will not be afraid to steal ones money to pay them back.
Yo that owen is a man on the soccer field.

Dude Owen owes me so much money, he tried to steal my money and give it to me as payment!
by lazyasballs May 15, 2009
An ogre/cave dwelling mammal. The Owen is a huge mama's boy, it is often thought that an owen breast feeds until puberty. It grows facial hair at the ripe age of 3 and tends to keep it through out the rest of it's life to hide it's ogre like appearance. The Owen is often overweight. It survives on pickles and ranch dressing. Unlike other ogres The Owen has yet to to find his fiona. It often makes bad choices in purchasing vehicles and is oblivious to the fact that they are complete garbage. The Owen's favourite past times are watching house, taking 2 hour craps, awkwardly grunting at random moments, and mumbling nonsense. If you give The Owen a couple drinks he turns into the toughest man around, (so he thinks). 100% of the time The Owen turns gay at the age of 30.
An Owen must of raided our fridge!, all our pickles and ranch dressing are gone!
by ImNotAnOwen! December 08, 2010
Etymology: first occurance of move in Wagrain Hefting Contest, April 2009, named after performer of move (Owen Hicks).
In Hefting, an Owen occurs when two or more Hefters attempt to Heft another simultaneously when the Heftee is out of the bed Hefting another and, thus, the Hefters attempting to Heft them end up fighting each other instead. Due to this, the Owen (the absent Heftee) has essentially hefted three or more people without laying a finger on more than one.
Will and Mark tried to Heft him at the same time, but he was Hefting Johnny, so they got Owened/it was an Owen.

Ow'n'd, bitch!
by Literary_Ditch April 11, 2009
an arrogant and selfish individual who oftens seeks attention. likes to start fights for no reason, and often gets violent or makes inappropriate jokes. slacks at work and has no respect for those around. avoid at all costs.
that boy is such an owen
by Phoenixz September 11, 2011
Owen is a gay, fat, 11 year old kid, who sleeps with kids named Tyler.
-Owen slept with Tyler last night.
-Owen is gay.
-Owen needs to rape women to even see their skin.
-Owen: "What's a vagina? Is that the latest model of a dick.:
by Remniscent January 06, 2012
The best sensai in the world!
My teacher is Owens!
by etgeek June 25, 2004

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