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Sounded out term for an ONS, otherwise known as a One Night Stand. This involves picking up some whore in a drunken stupor at some dingy dive bar and banging her that night, only to wake up early enough to escape out the bathroom window when you're "taking a shower".
"Dude, I totally pulled an Owens last night. I was so ashamed I had to get wasted to tell you."
by privyninja September 14, 2009
The most loyal and amazing friend anyone could ever ask for. He is a wonderful person and he's nice to everyone. For him, making friends is super easy because everyone likes him. Most people even love him...like me! He's funny and he has a spectacular personality and people are jealous of him because he's not afraid to be himself.
Person 1 : I'm friends with Owen now and I can't believe I was missing out before on all of this. I'm so shocked because he is just so amazing!
Person 2 : Oh my gosh I know right! Gosh I'm so lucky he's my friend! I hope he knows how great of a person he is.
by The Joksters Nightmare April 19, 2013
A word used for a boy, average height, average weight. Very good looking and good in bed. Has a very large Penis. Funny and caring, people either love him or hate him. He will stick up for the people he holds close to him, however can get quite angry. A footballing god. Always has time to help others, and will look out for his friends. He is always their for people to chat to and will make people smile. A pimp who the girls are secretly mad about but wont tell him as he is too shy to tell. A brillient bloke to be around and worth having in your life.
That Owen is one hell of a dude!
by ILovePink2 October 16, 2011
A guy who is very loving. He is tall with dark hair and cares deeply for his loved ones. Everyone wants to be around him because he is smart, funny, athletic, and sexy. He is normally shy but once you get to know him he is the coolest person you could ever meet. You're lucky to know an Owen. If you know one, never let him go because he is very nice and will always be there for you.
Wow! Look at that guy! He's gotta be an Owen!

I wish I knew an Owen!
by all-American- July 07, 2014
Owen- a name for a man who has a van with a double mattress in the back and a disco ball.
Hey that van is parked outside a school
Must be Owens
by klate access April 11, 2011
A fat prick who is self centred and believes all he needs to be loved is money. In reality, he fails to notice that to gain the love of others he must first treat them like a human being and not a slave to which they can do as they so please. Stay away from him at all costs because if you fail to meet his demands, you will be thrown to the dogs as he awaits his next victim of deceit, manipulation, sexual frustration and eventually violence.
Her boyfriends an ass hole to her, he must be an owen. Tell her to run the f*ck away from his clutches.
by hattinlyf July 29, 2014
Being so inexplicably yet secretly creepy there is no other word to describe it other than being an "Owens".
Yeah, he was acting like such an Owens...
by Ooohhellomydearies July 28, 2011