Owen- a name for a man who has a van with a double mattress in the back and a disco ball.
Hey that van is parked outside a school
Must be Owens
by klate access April 11, 2011
Sounded out term for an ONS, otherwise known as a One Night Stand. This involves picking up some whore in a drunken stupor at some dingy dive bar and banging her that night, only to wake up early enough to escape out the bathroom window when you're "taking a shower".
"Dude, I totally pulled an Owens last night. I was so ashamed I had to get wasted to tell you."
by privyninja September 14, 2009
Owen is the corniest person you would ever meet. If he knows a joke he is saying isn't funny then he'll make his voice high pitched so people would laugh. Owen has pretty eyes and great hair but he has a nasty attitude. Some times you want to slap the shit out of Owen but you dont want to mess up is hair.
Omg! Your soo Owen!
by ilovelife_howaboutyou June 12, 2015
Owen is likely average to tall with dark hair. Likely very sweet and emotional , or in other words an emo . Amazing taste in music . Likely plays guitar or sings/screams . Bottles everything inside and releases it in ways society finds horrible such as cutting, he doesn't choose to live his life that way it's just how he is, likely has tattoos or piercings , shy and quiet but his mood changes often, finds it hard to control them , would die for anyone even if they hated him, literally cares bout anyone more than himself
Girl: Owen dried my years then held me better

Girl 2: yeah he showed me his scars and promised even when you go to far life gets better
by XxptvxX September 12, 2014
A cute boy who's nice to everyone. Usually tall for his age and with GREAT hair. Has an awesome attitude and makes everyone around him feel awesome. All the girls love him, they are like his posse that follows him around. But, he doesn't boast it out, even though he's wanted by everyone. He seems nice when you first meet him but after you why to know him he's even better. A great athlete too. All around perfection. Owen is a great dude.
You know Owen? Oh yeah we hung out last week he's great.
via giphy
by Bruhcita May 25, 2016
Owen's are the sweetest guys u will ever meet..Owens are typically tall...they are so nice and they are funny and are one of the best guys u could ask for...wish I still had my owen

they always make u smile even when your mad at them because u cant but help it because they make u that happy.
Girl1:Owen and I just broke up:'(
Girl2:why?you guys were the perfect couple!!!
by that girl no one notices May 02, 2016
Someone who has sex over skype.
Oh my god, did you pull an Owen with your boyfriend last night?
by inlay September 22, 2014
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