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Overtone- Someone that does too much in any situation, regardless of location, who is around, or who they may hurt by their actions.
overtone ass damn bro chill out. Everytime a girl come up in here you always overtoning you need to go take a shower.
by Italiana February 02, 2014
1. (verb) See overtoning
2. (noun) From the words overt & ringtone. The assignment of a ringtone to imply something about a caller. Usually used as a a friendly jab or an insult. For instance, overtoning Sir Mix-a-lot's "Baby Got Back" as the ringtone for a chubby friend is an overtone.
Alice: Bob, who was that who just called you?
Bob: Chuck.
Alice: OMG! That's why your phone played "Macho Man!" Nice overtone.
Bob: Yeah, Chuck's totally closeted.
by Dave MZ April 25, 2008
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