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1. A friend who consistently fails to pay their own share for purchases that are made in small or large groups. As a result, everyone else is regularly dicked out of money because they ultimately wind up financing all of said friend's leisure experiences.

2. A cheap ass bitch
Mike: Okay everyone, we all owe $5 for the pizza.
David: Oh man, I forgot . . . I don't have any cash.

Mike: You're such an overton.

Evan: I'll get the first round of drinks. What does everyone want?
David: Scotch. Top shelf. Neat.
. . . 4 drinks later . . .

Evan: Okay David, the next round is on you. It's your turn.

David: Sorry guys, I gotta run. Here is the rest of my PBR. See you next weekend.

Evan: Such a fucking overton.
by Harkzilla April 19, 2015
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a boy with too much time on his hands who tries too hard to impress slutty girls. Also, may drive a prowler..... maybe
"Did you know that Overton over there just bought another house to impress some skanky bar fly?"
by adam, the shiznit June 20, 2007

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