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A very country way of saying, "to somebody's house".
Let's go over there and see your momenim after we eat.
by Stroll August 30, 2004
What Americans typically call a foreign battle theater.
Stems from a popular patriotic song of the world war one era by the same name.
Usually a terrible place to be.
Bill: Where's Rick?
Scott: He joined up. He's over there.
Bill: No. Aw fuck! This has to end.
by ontario February 20, 2007
A show based in Iraq. Profiles a "real life" army unit and their plight through modern tribunals of warfare.
Adam: "Hey, Nick, did you catch Over There last night?"

Nick: "Yeah! You see the reporter get decapitated?!"

Adam: "Fuck yeah!!! Iraq rocks! Lets go sign up!"

Girl: "What's Iraq?"
by How do people have these names? November 15, 2005

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