OTC is a South African expression it means On The Chise.

Chise pronounced CH-ICE is a word that means to flirt with or "chat up"
eg. John was chising this hot girl today.

Guy#1: Hey where is John?
Guy#2: Oh he's OTC
by Petetheodddog April 28, 2013
OTC is a gang is Sydney Australia, Penrith.

There a bunch off young men, Who claim 'Glenmore park' is theres. (Suburb in sydney)

There have been rumors off brawls & fights between rival gangs. Like the famous brawl on the northern road, Just outside glenmore park, Wich was between OTC & OAS.

Them two Gangs are not rivals anymore, They have made peace between each other. OTC is a respected, but yet hated Gang. People that are friends with them, Say they are a good bunch off boys, But people that dont no them, Say there reckless loosers that have nothing better to do than hurt people. But from what i think, There not so bad, I have met a couple off them. And they actually where really respectful! The leaders i think are one or both off the hanson brothers, johnny & jimmy. Dont think there not fighters because off there kind sounding names, Johnny is a extremely well none fighter.
OTC off the chain gang esheys rivals brother brawls between park wich
by Marcel Mahash February 29, 2012
A bar on River St. in Plains, PA. Short for Olde Tyme Charlie's.
we just left OTC after an epic night of drinking!
by raverwolf April 14, 2011
Oral To Completion. Sometimes advertised alongside escort services, indicating the service of a blowjob until ejaculation.
I offer a true girlfriend experience (gfe) with otc.
by RichieRichVegas February 12, 2009
A group of from Rockland County, NY known as the Orange Tang Clan
Don't mess with that guy...He is part of the OTC.
by BVD August 11, 2006
Abbreviation for any of the following...

Over the counter
Off the cuff
On the couch
Outside the circle
That Sharon babe is like way OTC
by Nards_otc October 08, 2007
Oak Town Click
Anyone who from Fair Oaks, PA.
Don't mess wit da OTC..Those boyz are crazy!
by Hampsonite July 02, 2007
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